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IPM  Integrated Project Management Inc. (IPM)  is a seasoned Consulting firm with strong business acumen. IPM provides advisory,  management, project management, process development, quality assurance, business consulting and business and project management training services.

IPM also has experience advising clients in identifying Operational and  Project Management Processes, assessing their project management capabilities, identifying root cause of issues causing cost overruns within contracts, and establishing a Project Management Office (PMO).

Many great projects require Indigenous peoples and Stakeholder Engagement. Our certified and experienced professionals in this field can assess, plan and deliver small- to large-scale Engagement Plans.

Our Researchers can provide in-depth research and analysis within the Indigenous socio-economic spectrum.

Business Development and Marketing experts?  We have them!  IPM places emphasis on keeping informed on infrastructure industry trends so as to provide our clients with the most up-to-date information that will help them make informed decisions.

All services are customized to help organizations and communities reach their goals. IPM believes that our clients’ needs and goals are of the utmost importance. We are committed to meeting those needs and helping them reach those goals. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from referrals. IPM’s work ethic is based upon the belief that “your business is our business”, which translates into “your success being our success”.

IPM provides both Business and Project Management Training and Services and can support complex P6 Scheduling challenges within the Oil & Gas, Mining, Electric Utilities and Manufacturing industries.

IPM’s team of dedicated professionals is ready to help you succeed!


To foster a cultural and learning environment across Canada that will allow industry and infrastructure projects to move forward in harmony with our First Nations.


Supporting the advancement of an educated workforce and the development of a strong interest in entrepreneurship; Ensuring Indigenous peoples prosper and thrive economically in Canada and internationally.


Contract Management

Contract Management

Most companies in the utilities and construction/services trades earn their revenues through procurement contracts.

IPM can help with the development of sound business practices and procedures to allow for  effective contract management



Integration is a key criterion to IPM’s quality strategy when assisting clients meet business challenges.
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Project Management Training

IPM’s Principal is an accredited PMP and P2RP  professional and through the appropriate blending of information can ensure the right amount of Project Management training is provided.
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  • Customized Project Management
  • Office Procedures & Document Control
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management System
  • Training
    • Project Management
    • Quality Assurance (ISO 9001)
    • Risk Management

Quality – ISO Migration

Quality within an organization can only be achieved through diligent integration of organizational assets and processes to achieve the strategic goals, within the required standards and constraints, as set by the executive of the organization.
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Market Development

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Plans
  • Business Development Plans
  • Economic Leakage Studies
  • Market Surveys
  • Market Expansion
  • Market Diversification
  • International Market Development


  • Quality Assurance (ISO 9001)
  • Risk Management Tools

Highly Qualified Team

Creating win-win situations for our customers, our partners and ourselves is critical to our business relationships.

Our business approach, which is based on trust, has allowed us to develop unique and rewarding relationships with our partners. Our ability to plan projects, prevent or overcome any obstacles in our path is just one underlying factor in our success.

The IPM team consists of a small group of experienced professionals committed to providing experienced Consultants to help organizations and communities meet their goals and objectives.

The company’s versatile and diverse team, who are well seasoned in the following, helps ensure that the needs of projects and programs are met through the right knowledge and client-centric focus thus providing a sound Governance structure.




Organizational Structures

Project Management

Oil & Gas

Strategic Planning

Contract Management


Business Planning

Project Scheduling & Controls


Policies & Procedures

Feasibility Studies

Electric Utilities

International Marketing

Training in:

Micro Grids

Economic Leakage Analysis

Quality Assurance


Feasibility Studies & Surveys

Project Management


Business Case Financing Proposals

ISO migration


Business Case Financing Proposals

Risk Management


Human Resources Management

✓Rights Holders Engagement


In all Projects, IPM brings all the expertise to ensure strong governance and accountability.

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