Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

IPM’s business model ensures that it carries out its business activities and transactions in such a way that it respects the distinctive cultures, traditions, and values of all people while ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion.

Indigenous Relations


As a Certified Member of the (CCAB), IPM participates proudly in its PAR program. We support the by participating as a Juror and Verifier.


Since 2019, IPM has focussed its efforts directly for the benefit of Indigenous communities, their people and their businesses.


We work within each community’s environmental and social requirements while helping them ready, through training and support, for stronger governance and economic growth.


Supporting Clean Water Initiatives


IPM believes strongly that no individual, living within the boundaries of one of the world’s best countries should be living in conditions that mirror the poorest nation.


For that reason, IPM proudly supports the clean water initiatives and technology that is available through . Nova Water of Canada


Supporting Nation Wide Logistics


By around 1905, the railway was firmly established in Canada. It had become indispensable to trade as well as for the transportation of goods and people.
The intent of the railway was to unify the western territories into new Canadian provinces, its initial construction and subsequent development paved the way for the country’s future economic development.
IPM understands that all businesses are impacted by the logistics of delivering their product.
To that end, in support of opening access to Northern Indigenous communities, to allowing our mining and forestry sectors more efficient movement of product, as well as support individual travel to and from the North, IPM supports the initiatives that are being developed by C2C2C Unity Corridor.